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Wedding Hair Course

  Course Details  

About next lesson coming , time , lesson fee ....all the information that you need .

Why do you need to take the *2-day bridal hairstyle course*


The course can deepen everyone's understanding of the importance of bridal hairstyles, hair sections, and how to primer hair before styling ........

Based on the demonstration and student hand-on practice , they immediately understand what needs to be modified.

So as to achieve technical improvement.

In addition, during the course, I will also explain the beauty of the hair, so that everyone in addition to the technical improvement. Also got some inspiration for the creation of bridal hairstyles.


What is the difference between *Online Bridal Hair Course*


Online courses are self-learning.

You must modify some deficiencies yourself.

So I design online courses-I hope to focus on hair styles.

After a 22-day bridal hairstyle course, some technical and basic adjustments were made. So you can learn more bridal hairstyle styles in online courses.


Simply Say

Online courses-mainly focusing on hairstyle styles ,with some hair skills 

2-day bridal hairstyle course -mainly focusing on hair skills , technology and face to face corrected by me.

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