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Wedding Services & Online Hair Course FAQ
  • Does your team travel for wedding day services, and is there a travel fee?"
    Yes, of course! We travel to hotels, homes, etc. Travel fees are calculated from our last location .we ask that you kindly reimburse their taxi fare with cash (upon presentation of a receipt).
  • Who can help me to dress up? if you are a male bridal artist .
    No worried.Because there is one female assistant to help us during the process .She defintely can help you dress up and look after you .
  • Do you have ealry charge?
    Yes. Our working time starts from 7:00a.m .if you need our artists arrive ealry than 7:00 a.m that would be charged HKD $400 per artist. if Early than 5:00a.m that would be charged HKD$800 per artist.
  • How far in advanced should i book artist for my wedding day ?
    Dates are first-come-first serve, so better to book it when you already confrimed your wedding date .
  • What if i change my mind for my makeup and hair after trial or when close to the weding day ?
    No problem ! The makeup and hair in the trial is only reference.You can tell us what is in your mind and how you wanna change.
  • What happens if there is a typhoon or rainstorm?
    In an event of Typhoon warning of No.8 signal or above and red/black rainstorm warning, you have to let us know your wedding day keeps going or cancel .if keep going with your wedding day so that you have to cover all transportation that costs .
  • How do i "enroll" online hair lesson?"
    1. Press Scubscribe 2. Sign up 3. Select a payment method 4. Fill in all the details 5. Here you are . You are already to watch all the (Unlimited) Videos.
  • Do i have to pay  for each Videos from Online hair lesson
    You only have to pay " HK $90 " monthly ,you can " UNLIMITED " to see all videos from Online hair lesson. and There is /are Hair Videos will update every month .
  • How do i "cancel" online hair lesson ?"
    We are sorry to hear you wanna cancel it . Unfortunately ,You can not cancel from your side,you have to fill in the Cancelling form which in "how to join /cancel to let us know. We will assist you the process.
  • 婚禮當天,需要支付的士費嗎?
    是的!因為我們會攜帶大量專業用具去前往酒店,住宅等。所以車費都是由客人負責。 跟收據報銷。
  • 誰可以幫我衣服? 如果你是男性新娘化妝師。
  • 有收取早費嗎?
    是。 我們的工作時間是從早上7:00開始。如果您需要我們的早於7:00抵達,我們將收取港幣400的費用。 如果早於凌晨5:00,則收取港幣$ 800。
  • 如果在試妝後或臨近婚禮之日,改變妝容和髮型,該怎麼辦?
    沒問題 ! 試妝中的妝容和頭髮僅供參考。您可以告訴我們您的想法以及想要修改的地方。因為沒有溝通解決不到的事情。
  • 我應該在婚禮前多久,決定試妝/選擇我們服務?"
    日期先到先得,而好多大好日子有限,所以最好在已確認結婚日期的情況下預約試妝。 普遍提早一年就已開始試妝. 當然你亦可在試妝前,提早決定我們的服務。那會額外享有9折優惠.而試妝可於
  • 試妝費可以扣回嗎?
    可以.如試妝當天決定我們服務,將可扣回試妝費 $800
  • 如果有颱風或暴雨會怎樣?
  • 如何註冊(線上)新娘髮型課程?
    1.按下訂閱按鈕 2. 登記註冊 3. 選擇付款 4.填上資料 5. 你已成功登記了
  • 我是否需要為(線上)新娘髮型課上的視頻每個付費?
    您只需每月支付一次 HKD$90/ 或年費 $ 740 ,即可“ 無限制”觀看線上髮型課程 中的所有視頻。 並且每個月都會持續更新造型視頻。
  • 如何取消(線上)新娘髮型課程?
    我們深感抱歉 ,您想取消(線上)新娘髮型課程。 很遺憾,您無法從自行取消,您必須在“如何加入/取消”中填寫“取消”表格,以便我們知道。我們將為您提供幫助。
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