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Wedding Day Tips

Every bride wants to be flawless on the day of her wedding day.



Tips For your wedding  day

  • WASH YOUR HAIR -Do not wash your hair on that day . if it has to .It is recommended that you have dry you hair before the artist comes so that you wont be running late because of it.

  • CUT AND COLOR - It is recommended you have hair cut done 3~4 weeks before with good hair cut (layers and length).And colors of highlight ,We recommend no less than 1~2 weeks before.

  • Changing Time - For each Changing ,it takes 20~45 mins .Depends on your dresses and what makeup and hair  style you wanna be .Please contact us about the time management.

  • Do Not Drink Water -Drinking too much water may gain weight suddenly due to swelling and excess water in the bloodstream . So ideally, Stop drinking water before 10:00p.m  of the day before.

  • Exfoliating your Lips -By using a wash cloth and lip balm after your shower.This will help your lipsticks stay ​on longer and create a smooth surface for applictaion .

  • Avoid New Skin Care- Or get facials if you never have been done before.We want to avoid any reactions within one month of wedding date .

  • Crew Meal - If you have chosen the package that our stylist will stay with you all day .please organise a crew meal for us .

  • Taxi fee -We travel to hotels, homes, etc. Travel fees are calculated from our last location .we ask that you kindly  reimburse their taxi fare with cash (upon presentation of a receipt).

  • Assistant - All of packages are included one FEMALE assistant who can help you dressing up

  • Our working time - till your last dress , hair and makeup done, then we will start to pack up our stuff and leave .

  • The rest of payment - you can settle the payment before your wedding day or on the day of wedding day with cash .

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